Gevorg Poghosyan

Junior Partner

Dr. Gevorg Poghosyan has started his career in the academia, concurrently working for Armenia’s Cassation Court, first as an assistant to a judge, later moving up the ladder to become a senior legal expert. At the Cassation Court, he drafted decisions of the Court having precedential value in civil and administrative matters (corporate, insolvency, customs, tax, competition) and prepared legal opinions with respect to complicated

legal issues of the mentioned branches of law and case law of the European Court of Human Rights.

After gaining his Ph.D. Gevorg moved to the private sector, first as the General Counsel of the Central Depository of Armenia, and later to our firm as a junior partner.

In addition to his doctoral degree from Yerevan State University, Gevorg also holds a master’s degree from Yerevan State University and another LL.M. degree from the American University of Armenia. Currently, Gevorg is also an Adjunct Professor of Corporate Law at the Yerevan State University and author of numerous scientific articles.

Gevorg’s practice areas are Commercial and Corporate Law, Insolvency Law, Civil and Administrative Litigation and Regulatory matters.

Gevorg can be reached at:


Phone: +(374 94) 000 230