Investment in Knowledge Pays The Best Interest

Today is the 1st of September, and we celebrate Knowledge Day in Armenia. This day is definitely one of the most important and big days in Armenian families, as the schools and universities open and parents take their kids to school. We congratulate all first graders and wish them a joyful journey in their studies.

We also heartily congratulate our beloved associate Helen Avetisyan for being accepted to the LL. M. program at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology.

As an intelligent, caring, and bright superlawyer, Helen has advised our clients on a multitude of legal issues and has walked the extra mile to guide clients in their various legal matters. Helen has definitely shined in her career and we are absolutely sure that she will also shine in her postgraduate studies. We certainly are very proud of her. 

Cheers to Helen for this incredible accomplishment. We are looking forward to having her back on our team soon.