We know that clients come to us to get the best and latest advice. When talking to clients we listen, focus, discover, and offer fitting advice. Though we learn from past experience, yet we do not mass produce. Each client is unique. Therefore, our promise to you is that we will be:

  • Open and straightforward
  • Strive not for the best, but the superior
  • Investing in our relationship


    We think and act globally. We believe there should not be any barriers or borders for our clients.


    We give back and reinvest into the communities we serve. Find more about our pro bono work and corporate social responsibility.

Why choose us?


We believe that the network of experts we have managed to build over the years in a variety of fields and countries is one of our best assets. Our network is ever-growing and is constantly made available to our clients.


All of our partners have been policymakers for many years, and they know public policy inside out. They understand how policy, regulation, and politics might affect our clients’ businesses and advise accordingly.


We believe our clients' business models and interests come before any legal archaic technicalities. This enables us to strive to find modern solutions and instruments to serve our clients' business models.

Facts about us

We have been ranked by IFLR and Chambers and Partners. We are a member of ISDA.


We partner with Armenian Institute of Directors and the Center of corporate administration in Armenia.

Every year we provide advice on deals in excess of 100 million US


Our team members have been constantly ranked as highly regarded attorneys and rising stars

Our clients

60% of our client base is non-Armenian (foreign investors, financial institutions).


We are highly ranked by IFLR1000 and Chambers and Partners.

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Corporate social responsibility

Realizing the price paid by the soldiers for the peace and security of future generations, the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen was established to provide stable, equal compensation for the well-being of fallen, missing, and disabled soldiers and their families while defending the homeland, borders.

“City of Smile” Foundation was created to support people with oncological and hematological diseases. Their mission is to stand by their side and help them and their families in their challenging journey of conquering cancer.