Terms of non-cash transactions in Armenia after July 1, 2022

About the Video ✅

In the following video, Nelli Kirakosyan, a Principal Associate at TK & Partners, talks about the recent changes in the RA Law about "Non-Cash Transactions."

About the Speaker ✅

Nelli Kirakosyan joined our team in 2021 as a Principal Associate. Prior to joining TK & Partners, Nelli occupied various positions at the Central Bank of Armenia (2003 to 2021). As the Head of the Legislative Development division of the CBA, she has led several development projects for the financial system. Nelli has solid experience in liaising with high-level government agencies and ministries and leading complex development work in banking, insurance, and the capital markets. She is also an established authority on currency and foreign exchange regulation in the Armenian legal community. Nelli’s practice areas are Civil and Banking Law, Commercial and Financial Transactions, Business and Financial Regulation, Labor and Currency regulation. In addition to her relatively long career, Nelli also has solid experience in teaching financial regulation at the Financial and Banking Center to many employees of financial institutions. Nelli is a graduate of Yerevan State University (LL.B.) and the European Regional Academy (LL.M.) and an alumnus of the U.S. Legislative Fellows Program.